Brick buildings have long traditions in Latvia. Centuries old historical landmarks built from bricks can be viewed in Old Riga - Jana seta, Jura church, Dome church. Also the remarkable nouveau style architectural monuments at the newest part of Riga Center are at the same time the landmarks of brick buildings. Most of the cities, towns and villages in Latvia have old and widespread traditions of brick buildings. There were more than hundred brick-kilns in Latvia at the 18th century and later.

History of brick-kiln "Ceplis" also is a few centuries long. The renewed kiln has been working for more than 25 years. "Ceplis" Ltd. is offering a production which successfully combines historically approved principles of brick manufacturing and nowadays methods of clay preparation and processing. Since 2005 the production of "Ceplis" Ltd at Lielauce is certified according to European standards. The main business of "Ceplis" is producing and selling of clay bricks and other building materials.

Clay brick is ecologically clean building material as it is made only from natural raw materials. That means it doesn't have harmful influence to the environment and, what is more important, it creates healthy indoor climate. Clay brick is resistant to microorganism's influence (e.g., mildew doesn't develop on them). Condensate doesn't form on brick walls and due to result of absorption-desorption they act as equalizer for relative humidity inside the building.

Clay brick is a polyfunctional material, like in sport - all-round competitor, as it provides strength, warmth (heat insulation), longevity and healthy indoor climate. Brick walls can be easily combined with other materials - additional heat insulation, interior wall finish etc.